Our story.

We believe tech can be more natural and intuitive. By re-imagining headphones, we can break from the constraints of yesterday and innovate something that surprises and delights.

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Human vision.

Here at Human, we have a vision to develop extraordinary, human-centric products. We’re delivering on the promise of what technology should be. Our Human Headphones integrate more perfectly into the way we work. Want to control your favorite music? Just tap or swipe. Answer texts, set appointments, and map your route, all through the power of voice. It’s a bold new way to listen... and be heard. Our devices help foster deeper connections to the content, music, and people we love.

There’s the way people work. There’s the way products work. Now there’s a way for both to work better together.

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"The sound quality was impressive”

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“It's happened. Start-up Human, Inc. has cut the cord on a pair of over-ear headphones.”

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"In short, they’re the sound you’d get from a good pair of Sennheiser or Beats by Dre cans, with the portability of the Airpods."

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"Every so often something crazy and cool still comes across our desk and the Human Headphones qualify."


"The revolutionary design combines the best parts of earbuds - namely their compact portability - with the immersive sound of over-ear headphones.